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There are some basic training techniques
 which your dog has to always learn.
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Written on April 2nd, 2020
Self-isolation and social distancing limitations mean many dogs aren't getting the physical, mental as well as ecological stimulation they typically obtain.
Written on Jan 10th, 2020
Us Humans...we did the toilet in our nappies until we were potty trained because there was nothing else we could do about it, when we needed we went, well dogs are the same.

Watch This Weeks Classic Tip - Correct Collar

Remember Barbara Woodhouse ?

written by Rob Dawg October 23th, 2019
Can’t understand why your dog runs away from you at the park while everyone else's happily comes back? The simple answer is have you tried dog obedience training? ...
Written by Rob Dawg September 19th, 2019
There are new laws that state dog’s owner can be charged and the dog put down if the dog bites someone. Of course with some serious dog training our dog can learn to enjoy people not turn on them.
Written by Rob Dawg September 22nd, 2019
Teaching your dog not to bite is one of the most important teachings you can give him. This is where you have to be firm and stick to your guns. When playing with a young dog they will automatically nip and gnaw at your hand this is because when dogs play together they play with their mouths.
Written by Rob Dawg April 10th, 2019
These training techniques all are based on the fact that your dog will realize to get what he wants he has to do what you are telling him to do.
What if he doesn’t do it?…    Walk away.   
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